Faculty At UAP [EEE]

UAP students are given the ability to work closely with UAP's outstanding faculty at every turn. Students do research in the labs of their faculty mentors. All classmen choose a faculty advisor, who assists students with course selection each semester as well as with graduate school applications, job searches, and even non-academic topics. Students also sit on Institute committees and decide UAP educational and social policies with faculty members.

UAP honors its world-class teachers by selecting them Faculty Fellows. Together the Fellows form a small academy of scholars comUAPted to fine teaching and innovation in education.

Full Time/Parmanent Faculty Fellows:

  • Dr. Abdul Matin Patwari, Professor Emeritus, (Ex-Vice chancellor, UAP)
  • Dr. Kazi Mohiuddin Ahmed, Professor and Head
  • Dr. Tapan Kumar Chakraborty, Professor and Director, IEERD
  • Mr. Golam Rasul Ahmed Jamal, Associate Professor
  • Mr. A.H.M. Zadidul Karim, Associate Professor
  • Mrs. Salma Nazia Rahman, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Muhammad Towhidur Rahman, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. M. Abdullah Al Amin, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Mahmudul Alam, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Tasnia Hossain, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Sazzadur Rahman, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Md. Masum Howlader, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Muhammad Ahad Rahman Miah, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Md. Moshiur Rahman, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Manobendu Sarker, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Mohammad Sohrab Hasan Nizami, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Mohammad Rokonuzzaman, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Kazi Main Uddin Ahmed, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Anas Syed, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Md. Sharukh Adnan Khan, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Shaikh Rashedur Rahman, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Hafiz Ahmed, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Anwarul Azim, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Md. Ibrahim Khalil, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Md. Khairul Alam, Lecturer
  • Mr. Khandaker Sultan Mahmood, Lecturer
  • Ms. Tanima Tasmin Chowdhury, Lecturer
  • Mr. Md. Abdullah Al Mahmud, Lecturer
  • Ms. Shahinur Rahman, Lecturer
  • Mr. Sakhawat Hossen Rakib, Lecturer
  • Mr. Jahid Hasan, Lecturer
  • Mr. Suvasish Saha, Lecturer
  • Mr. Kazi Mahtab Kadir, Lecturer
  • Ms. Fatima Tuz Zohora, Lecturer
  • Ms. Farhana Akter Mou, Lecturer
  • Ms. Annatoma Arif, Lecturer
  • Ms. Trisha Chakraborty, Lecturer
  • Full-time faculty member (On Study Leave)

  • Mr. Molla Shahadat Hossain Lipu, Assistant Professor
  • Umme Tania Ahmed, Lecturer
  • Mr. Md. Arafat Mahmud, Lecturer
  • Mr. Meh Fuzur Rahaman, Lecturer
  • Mr. Khalid Ibne Masood , Lecturer
  • Part Time/Guest Faculty Fellows:

    • Dr. Shahidul Islam Khan, Professor, BUET
    • Dr. Md. Ehsan, Professor, (ME, BUET)
    • Dr. Aloke Kumar Mozumder, Professor, (ME, BUET)
    • Dr. Nikhil Ranjan Dhar, Professor (IPE , BUET)
    • B.D. Rahmatullah, Ex-DG, Powercell & Consultant, UNDP
    • Mr. Naim I. Alamgir, Managing Director (Control Devices Engineering)


    Parmanent Faculty

    Number of permanent faculty : 42

    Guest Faculty

    Number of guest faculty : 06