Latest News: IEEE UAP Student Branch just finished successfully WIE Track @ ICCIT 2017 in Dept of EEE , UAP on December 24, 2017

The Department takes pride in its outstanding and exceptionally rich faculty profile and most of them are from well-reputed foreign universities. Faculties are here well trained to dispatch knowledge and assist students to succeed in their chosen field of interest. The prime goal the department is to raise competent, innovative and creative engineers and to achieve this target faculties are working relentlessly round the clock with professional commitment and utmost integrity. To make any course effective all teachers prepare a course plan beforehand of the semester which is further verified by the head of department. Apart from taking regular quizzes some teachers also take some sudden quizzes just to make sure whether the students are really attentive in the class or not and it’s an motivation for the students to remain active in the class lecture. Some teachers use smart digital display using laser to make the course lectures more vibrant and more comprehensive for the students. In some courses assignments and projects followed by presentations on current topics are given to the students to have the proactive learning. Sometimes very short tours are also arranged to have practical learning as a supplementary for the theory courses. In recent times guest speakers are invited by the course teacher for short talks to make relevant topics of course materials more interesting and fruitful for the students.

                                     Parmanent Faculty

                               Number of permanent faculty : 48

                                     Guest Faculty

                               Number of guest faculty : 05