Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)

Program Outcomes (POs) of BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Program (EEE)

No. Generic Skills Differentiating Characteristic
1 Engineering Knowledge Breadth and depth of education and type of knowledge, both theoretical and practical
2 Problem Analysis Complexity of analysis
3 Design/ development of solutions Breadth and uniqueness of engineering problems i.e. the extent to which problems are original and to which solutions have previously been identified or codified
4 Investigation Breadth and depth of investigation and experimentation
5 Modern Tool Usage Level of understanding of the appropriateness of the tool
6 The Engineer and Society Level of knowledge and responsibility
7 Environment and Sustainability Type of solutions.
8 Ethics Understanding and level of practice
9 Individual and Team work Role in and diversity of team
10 Communication Level of communication according to type of activities performed
11 Project Management and Finance Level of management required for differing types of activity
12 Lifelong learning Preparation for and depth of continuing learning.