Resources & Facilities


TThe University has a fairly well stocked central library located on the 2"a floor of Block C building. Adequate facilities exist with a large number of text books, reference books (currently more than 10,000), journals, periodicals for study in the reading room of the library in a quite and congenial environment. A number of local daily newspapers and international news magazines are also subscribed for the benefit of students. The library is being enriched day by day. Students can borrow books from the library. There is also CD library for the students. In addition to the central library some departments have their own seminar libraries. In the seminar library books and technical journals relevant to the respective disciplines are available.


UAP provide laboratory facilities for the students of respective departments. The laboratories are self-sufficient and rich in instruments and other facilities to carry out sessional / practical classes for different courses. Unlike many other private Universities, UAP does not depend on any other institutions for its laboratory classes. Other than sessional / practical classes, the faculty of UAP do their research work in these laboratories also.

Website and Internet Facility

The University of Asia Pacific (UAP) provides twenty-four hour high-speed Internet facilities to its students. All the computers of lab and other places of each department of UAP are connected under a LAN and high-speed Internet line. There is a web site of UAP that contains important information about faculty members, ongoing research, admission, faculty search, exam of UAP etc., which is updated each week and URL is Each student of UAP is given an individual email account at domain that recognizes the UAP students. Student can submit their assignments through Internet. The Internet facility provides services to seven different departments of UAP and two hundred users can browse simultaneously.

Other Facilities

The University runs a well-equipped Medical Center for medical consultation, free of cost for students. The University has its own canteen. Which provides hygienic foods at reasonable cost for the students, faculty and staffs. In near future, the University plans to provide transport facilities for students and also to provide residential facility, especially for female students.

Foreign Academic and Technical Collaborations

With increasing internationalization of education, particularly at the university level, there is a strong compulsion to promote interaction, especially with institution of higher education in the industrial countries. Such interaction provides access to ever-changing scenarios of modern education delivery system and the most up-to-date innovative developments in teaching-learning methodology. Recognizing this imperative, UAP has already initiated a number of collaborative programs with universities in the USA, Australia and Canada. An agreement between the University of Baltimore, USA and The University of Asia Pacific has already been signed to collaborate in a joint undergraduate studies program in Business Administration. The objective of this program is to offer a collaboration baccalaureate degree to students of UAP through a course of studies pursued at UAP and in the USA at the University of Baltimore. An exchange program and academic cooperation agreement has been signed with Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI) and State University (SU), USA, which provides for exchange of students and visits of faculty members between UAP and VPI, SU; transfer of credits for courses taken by UAP students: undertaking joint research programs and joint supervision. Under the agreement, UAP students may pursue their studies as exchange students or seek transfer to VPI and SU after studying two years at UAP. Similar agreements for academic collaboration had been undertaken with South Dacota School of Mines and Technology (SDSMT) in the USA and University of Western Sydney and University of Canberra in Australia. An exchange program and academic cooperation agreement has already been signed with Griffith College Dublin, Ireland. Recently, another MOU has been signed with Purdue University Calumet, USA, to provide for an exchange of faculties and students and other collaborations. Discussions are continuing with few other universities in Australia, Canada. UK and USA. It is expected that the arrangement for credit transfer, technical collaboration etc., with some of them will be finalized in near future.