Advising System

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has a strong student advisory system. One advisor will normally be appointed for a group of students by the concerned department. The advisors usually performs the following responsibilities:

  • • Maintain regularly scheduled office hours for academic advising as needed throughout the semester.

  • • Assists the students in selection of courses on a short-term and long-term basis.

  • • Monitor advisees’ academic progress as well as behavior, manner in the campus and initiate contact with advisees those are failing to progress satisfactorily.

  • • Inform students the changes in academic policy, rules and curriculum in the university.

  • • For students with excellent academic background and for needy students, advisor recommends to the higher authority for financial assistance.

Students’ Responsibilities in Connection with Advising

  • • Participate in all scheduled pre-enrollment and orientation programs for incoming students at university.

  • • Prepare in advance for academic advising meetings. Map out courses they want and need to take for their degree and present this to their concerned advisor.

  • • Make and honor academic advising appointments.

  • • Make advisor aware of any special needs or problems encounter at UAP. Concerned advisor is there to guide students through any problems that may hinder their academic success and continued enrollment in the following semester. Advisors are equipped with a plethora of resources to help the students.

  • • Know academic policies, procedures, and regulations such as withdrawal, repeat & improvement examination, retakes, academic probation/dismissal, financial aid, etc.

  • • Know degree requirements and remain informed about changes in their curriculum. Map out a plan of action for academic career and review it with concerned advisor.

  • • Make the effort to get to know the advisor personally, the better they know one another and the more comfortable they will be.